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The functions of National Laws plan to provide an easy way to find legal information from the ROC Legal Information Database. The ROC Legal Information Database is a database of law histories comprised of laws promulgated by the President of ROC. Therefore, each law may contain several law histories, and each law history contains the official full text of published document, a summary and a list of subject terms selected from the GLIN Thesaurus. It is comprised of 'Search', 'Issuance', 'Titles', 'Categories', 'Gazettes' and 'Bill News' subfunctions.

§ Search § § Search §

To search the ROC Legal Information Database by means of keying the law title, summary keywords or keyword strings; defining the period of issuance date; or choosing subject terms from GLIN Thesaurus. Boolean operators ‘AND’ (in uppercase), ‘OR’ or ‘NOT’ can be used among keywords or keyword strings. The result is sorted by issuance date (default) or publication date in descending order (default).

§ Issuance date § § Issuance date §

To browse the ROC law histories sorted by issuance date in descending order, and to provide links to related websites of the authorities, gazettes and literature for each law history.

§ Title § § Title §

To browse the ROC latest laws sorted by Chinese keystrokes of law titles in descending order.

§ Categories § § Categories §

To browse the ROC latest laws sorted by Chinese keystrokes of law categories and then law titles in descending order within each category.

§ Gazettes § § Gazettes §

To provide links to governmental gazette websites.

§ Bill News § § Bill News §

To provide links to the [Bill News] web page of the Legislative Yuan News Knowledge Management System.

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